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Standing Committees



Executive Committee: The Board designates an Executive Committee. The Executive Commitee includes, at a minimum, the President, who chairs the committee, the President-Elect, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.  The The Executive Committee is not permitted to do one or more of the following:


  • amend the articles of the ILN or the Constituent League Bylaws;
  • dissolve the organization;
  • dismiss or elect new Board members or officers 
  • enter into major contracts or sue another entity
  • change a Board-approved budget; and
  • adopt or eliminate major programs  


Finance Committee:  The Finance Committee consists of the Treasurer, who shall chair the committee, the President-elect, and at least three other individual members. This committee recommends yearly budgets and long term financial plans.  The committee provides financial oversight including assuring adequate financial resources, advice concerning short and long term investments, and review of such activities as fund-raising, employment practices, and internal and external auditing.



Nominations Committee:  The Nominations Committee consists of five members. Four individual members of the Constituent League elected at the annual meeting and one Director appointed by the Board.  The members of the Nominations Committee serve one year terms.  The Director appointed by the Board chairs the Nominations Committee.  If any vacancy occurs on the committee, the Board appoints a successor to complete the term.


The committee prepares and presents a report to the Secretary that includes a slate of candidates that consists of two candidates for each position eligible for election at the upcoming annual meeting. 


The committee solicits nominations for all officers, Member Directors and members of the subsequent year’s Nominations Committee that are eligible for election at the upcoming annual meeting.  The committee seeks nominations from individual members, and individual self-nomination for individuals having knowledge of Board operations and an understanding of competencies required.


The slate contains candidates who are individual members reflecting the broad membership of the Constituent League.  Members of the Nominations Committee are not eligible for election to any position with the Constituent League during their term on the Nominations Committee.


Upon approval by the Board, the slate is published and ballots are submitted to the members at the annual meeting.


All officers, Member directors and members of the Nominations Committee are elected by the full individual membership.



Strategic Planning Committee:  The Strategic Planning Committee consists of five members, who are appointed by the Board.  The President-Elect serves as the chair.  The committee develops and provide an annual report to the Board  which provides advice and recommendations on the strategic plans of the Constituent League. The Board approves, monitors implementation and evaluates the strategic plan.